GIBXCHANGE.IO Soars to the Sky!

“As the industry and the market gradually mature, higher requirements are placed on the trading platform. The future blockchain trading platform will need to have more flexible trading functions, stronger derivative function development capabilities, and provide the market with Diversified derivatives with different income risk types, different maturities, and leverage.” He said: “GIBXCHANGE.IO is committed to building a professional and always leading world-class asset trading platform. The GIBXCHANGE.IO team has been deeply involved in blockchain asset derivatives for many years. product.”

The blockchain market is gradually becoming mature, and more mature and diverse markets will also promote the rise of derivatives. The market in the traditional financial industry has gradually developed from simple stock trading to a larger securities market. The same is true for chain assets. The fluctuating market has caused more and more people to pay attention to derivatives, and more and more institutions and enterprises have great demand for derivatives. Therefore, in the new era of blockchain, derivatives will inevitably be sought after.

In this context, the digital asset trading platform GIBXCHANGE.IO announced that it will start options trading at the end of August, and the platform will be launched in the GUSDT / USDT / BTC / ETH trading zone soon.

As a leader in digital asset exchanges, GIBXCHANGE.IO is committed to being a platform for everyone to trade with each other, as an indispensable link in the blockchain world. Launching many major events that attract investors all over the world, allowing users to grasp the lifeblood of wealth at the first moment.

GIBXCHANGE.IO has three core components: a new underlying blockchain trading platform, a new generation of trading protocols, and a cross-chain decentralized exchange. The system is designed in five aspects: “asset security, market flow, fair transaction, ecological openness, and transaction experience”, covering the complete architecture of the main technical logic and business logic of decentralization. Adhering to the core concepts of compliance, security, and innovation, and protecting the safety of user assets as the primary criteria, GIBXCHANGE.IO is committed to providing an extremely smooth digital asset financial derivatives trading platform for ordinary users, professional traders, and investment institutions.

The new blockchain asset virtual futures product is to be launched on the GIBXCHANGE.IO platform. This product is a brand-new trading product redesigned by the GIBXCHANGE.IO team based on the current industry environment and market demand. It is mainly optimized for the current market pain points: the stable currency USDT is used as the settlement currency, the product structure is clearer and simpler, and multi-variety transactions are simpler. Convenience; a risk control system based on market fair prices. It can avoid the risks caused by abnormal price fluctuations, realize real-time settlement of funds, and avoid the uncertainty of income caused by apportionment; support perpetual contracts and a variety of time-limited contracts, can design and configure trading varieties more flexibly, and fully meet market demand More and more diversified needs; real-time risk control system based on dynamic feature library, flexible adjustment of risk control rules according to market and user transaction conditions, improve the stability of market operation and better protect users.

In addition, the GIBXCHANGE.IO platform has the industry’s top blockchain technology R&D and operation team, with many years of financial security risk control management experience, constantly improving end-to-end security protection measures, improving the review process, and continuously optimizing and reducing the “attack surface of the infrastructure” “To ensure the security of funds and user information. The vast majority of system funds are stored in offline cold wallets, and the information transmission and data signing processes are optimized and encrypted. At the same time, manual review and system reconciliation are used for simultaneous review. Multi-layer insurance protects users’ funds. Safety. In addition, the platform has reached strategic cooperation with well-known enterprises in the industry and will be connected to the bank’s fund supervision system to fully ensure the safety of users’ funds and provide fund guarantees. When users redeem funds, the bank assumes the responsibility of fund redemption.

GIBXCHANGE.IO integrates the current global investment and wealth management first choice foreign exchange with the digital asset industry with a listed value of more than 1.89 trillion and builds it with Defi decentralized smart contract underlying technology to achieve openness, fairness, and justice, and every step is on the chain Can be queried and build a real decentralized digital asset trading platform!

In the context of increasingly fierce competition on the spot trading platform, the GIBXCHANGE.IO team relied on its product innovation capabilities, strong technical support, and years of operating experience to enter the game with a high profile. In the future, we will wait and see how GIBXCHANGE.IO will continue to exert its strength.

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